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How to Say “Happy New Year” in Different Languages

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Grow to be a global ambassador of goodwill by wishing individuals of various nationalities a Comfortable New Yr of their native tongue. Here is say it in 7 languages.

Step 1: Say it in French
Say “Comfortable New Yr” in French: Bonne Année!

Step 2: Give the greeting in German
Bestow New Yr needs in German: Gluckliches neues Jahr!

Step three: Say it in Chinese language
Say it in commonplace, or Mandarin, Chinese language: Xin Nian Kuai Le

The Chinese language language has many dialects, so pronunciations fluctuate from area to area.

Step four: Inform it to an Italian
Say “Comfortable New Yr” to an Italian: Buon anno!

Step 5: Want it in Russian
Want Comfortable New Yr in Russian: Snovum Go-dum

Step 6: Give your salutation in Spanish
Say it in Spanish: Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Step 7: Give greeting in Japanese
Give a New Yr’s greeting in Japanese: Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu

Did You Know?
The basic New Yr’s track “Auld Lang Syne” started as a poem written by Scottish author Robert Burns in 1788.
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  1. "Glückliches Neues Jahr!" – nobody says this in Germany. We'd rather say "Frohes neues Jahr!"

  2. You will need a pencil and paper actually

  3. @AloneWithAnIdiot OMG good you watched how to be a douche bag your training is now complete young douche bag. May the douche be with you.

  4. im german and i rofled sooooo hard at 0:30 Glückliches Neues Jahr xDDD

  5. i think that howcast needs differnt culterd people to say it

  6. german is failed so hard in this vid

  7. It's fuckin FRÖHLICHES Neuer Jahr….

  8. Happy New Year: that's English. jk. nice vid.

  9. qhetto : Happy Neww Yearss Bruh Bruh !
    Lmfaoo jk

  10. And….. they left out the Philippines. one of the easiest languages to learn.

    Kill them! Kill them with fire!

  11. sorry but… BAHAHAHAH at first i thought "you will need" was like the biggest joke but then i heard the pronounciation of the german "glückliches neues jahr"… u got me there xD

  12. You will need- google translate.

  13. sounds like they took the audio from google translate

  14. your german accent wasn't very good sounded really american/english but i appreciate the act that you tried 🙂

  15. thats not how mexican people dress

  16. in ghetto: Yo Dawg, i know you like new years, so i burnt your old calendar and give you a new one!

  17. she needs to improve on her german

  18. in Bulgaria-Честита нова година

  19. In Lithuanian: Su naujaisiais metais

  20. In slovak: Šťastný Nový Rok

  21. in latvian: laimīgu jauno gadu!

  22. in greek it is : kalli xronia! καλή χρονιά ))

  23. i mean yakut, is it same as russian? i heard yakut is different but a turkish language

  24. how to say happy new year in yakutia?

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